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Why settle for the standard when r3vobanD offers the extraordinary? Experience the almost magical feeling of our 3D-printed pads.

Helen Langehanenberg, Matthias Rath
and +1,000 riders trust r3vobanD
Spoga Top Innovations Award
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Experience maximum pressure relief for your horse's sensitive nose region. Precision manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology.

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Designed for exceptional comfort in the chin area. The 3D-printed solution for a softer fit.

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Protect your horse's sensitive neck and effectively reduce strain. Innovative design meets 3D printing precision.

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Strengthen the connection to your horse

Our goal in developing the r3vobanD was to increase the horse's well-being and optimize the connection between rider and horse. By combining pressure reduction and optimal pressure distribution, the r3vobanD offers an innovative solution that improves the riding experience for both partners.

The r3vobanD's unique 3D-printed grid structure ensures even pressure distribution, increasing comfort for the horse and enabling more harmonious communication between rider and horse. This improved connection promotes better understanding and a more pleasant interaction, which ultimately leads to better performance and a happier horse.

Helen Langehanenberg, Matthias Rath
and +1,000 riders trust r3vobanD

Don't just take our word for it

Sustainable and functional: Perfect for our horse's well-being

I find any product that increases horse welfare interesting. If it is also functional and sustainable - perfect for every day, whether at home or at the show - then it will definitely move into our stable!

Anna Siemer

Eventing rider

An innovation in equestrian sport.

An innovation in equestrian sport. Thanks to the technology, the r3vobanD adapts perfectly to the horse's head and gives the horse the necessary freedom of movement.

Helen Langehanenberg

Olympic dressage rider

I see the r3vobanD as real progress

I see the r3vobanD as a real step forward. It helps to distribute the pressure of the noseband. I think it's a real step forward for future snaffles and curbs if we optimize the pressure distribution at various points with the r3vobanD.

Isabell Werth

Olympic dressage rider

A must for riders!

Top quality, super horse friendly. Good solution for the "noseband problems". A must for riders!

Jacques van Daele

Chief steward

The difference is really enormous!

I tested the r3vobanD neck as well as the r3vobanD chin on my mare for several days and the difference is really enormous, I would never have expected that! Suri is normally quite strong in front and stiff in the neck. With the pad she was so incredibly light in the hand right from the start and her mouth was full of foam (even though she hadn't been given apples, sugar or similar before), it was really amazing! I will continue to use the r3vobanDs with enthusiasm!

Madeleine Plinke

International U25 dressage rider

Your advantages when you use the r3vobanD:

Reduces pressure points on the horse's head for a more comfortable riding experience.

Improves the contact and communication with the horse

Leads to less stress experience and better well-being in your horse.

It is especially gentle to your horse's skin due to the use of soft TPU material.

Developed by veterinarians and tested by professionals. Scientific tests prove the effect

Admitted to national and international tournaments.

And many more enthusiastic riders

Hear from our great riders who use the r3vobanD.
"Since I have been using the r3vobanD I can ride my horse with a normal bit. That was impossible before. It's just a great product that needs a lot more attention."
A rider on a horse
Dressage & Jumping Rider
"The r3vobanD is a great innovation in equestrian sports, with an effective design for the well-being of horses. It offers the possibility for further development and customization, making it a versatile and attractive product for riders of all disciplines."
Richard Davison on a horse
Richard Davison
Olympic dressage rider
"I find that my horse is much calmer in the mouth and more comfortable when riding. It seeks more pleasant contact with the hand and doesn't throw its head up as it used to. The r3vobanD works just as well for trail riding in the woods as it does for jumping and dressage."
A horse wearing the r3vobanD nose under the bridle.
Show jumper
"I have now already tested the r3vobanD for a week on very different horses. I am very positively impressed so far. It really adapts to any head shape and can be inserted into any snaffle quite easily. Especially the very sensitive horses were definitely more relaxed and finer to ride with the r3vobanD."
Henricke Ostermann Profile Picture
Henrike Ostermann
German show jumper
"I have been using the r3vobanD on my horse for a few weeks now and I must say that I am very impressed with the pressure reduction. I feel like my horse is significantly more comfortable. It is easy to use, apply and clean, and my horse is relieved! It's a win-win situation."
A girl cuddling a horse.
Dressage rider
"I ride every day with the r3vobanD. So far I somehow have success with the horses that are normally sensitive and don't accept the bit. With the r3vobanD I have an even better contact and the horse feels more comfortable."
Karin with her horse.
Karin Martinsen
Show jumper
"The first times felt very good with the r3vobanD. The horses seem to like it."
Sebastian Heinze Profile Picture
Sebastian Heinze
Junior trainer U25 dressage
"I was allowed to try the r3vobanD, which is attached directly under the noseband. Due to its structure, it reduces the pressure while riding and since then I notice that my horse is much better. The most important thing for me is that my horse is always well and that's why I will always use the r3vobanD when riding."
A girl standing next to her horse
Show jumper
"Especially in horses that have difficulties in the neck, it is significantly better."
Miriam Henschke with horse
Miriam Henschke
Dressage rider and trainer

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Innovative pressure reduction technology

Experience how our innovative technology specifically minimizes pressure on sensitive areas of the horse's head and thus significantly improves your horse's well-being.
Thanks to the innovative bionic grid structure, the r3vobanD distributes the pressure evenly over the entire surface and thus ensures reliable pressure relief of up to 60%. Instead of 1.5 kilograms of tensile force, only 490 grams are exerted on your horse - a noticeable difference that offers your horse more comfort and satisfaction.

The r3vobanD adapts perfectly to the contours of the horse's head and minimizes uncomfortable movements while riding. The practical clips also ensure a secure hold, so you don't have to worry about anything slipping or the bridle moving uncomfortably for your horse.

Invest in your horse's well-being and put your trust in the r3vobanD - the pioneering solution for optimum comfort and a perfect fit of the noseband.

Scientific tests prove the enormous pressure reduction

For example, a train of
1.5 kg of pressure leads... 1.2 kg pressure with a normal leather bridle 0.49 kg with r3vobanD
*Proven to be measured with a computer simulation.

Compare the difference in pressure distribution without and with r3vobanD

Before Picture of stresses on a horses headAfter Picture of the stresses on a horses head

3D printed in Germany

The r3vobanD is not just a product - it is the result of advanced technology and meticulous testing.
By using the 3D printing process, we can achieve a level of precision that is unmatched by traditional manufacturing methods. This cutting-edge process allows us to produce r3vobanD pads with a level of detail and material consistency that is essential for equestrian sports. Each r3vobanD is manufactured in Germany and undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure it provides the optimum pressure distribution. These tests guarantee that the r3vobanD pads are not only comfortable, but also provide the necessary support and stability. We carefully test the mechanical properties of our materials to ensure consistent quality and performance.

These continuous quality controls and the application of 3D printing innovations ensure that every r3vobanD product earns the "Optimal Quality from Germany" label. So riders worldwide can be confident that they are choosing the best for themselves and their horse with r3vobanD.

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Discover the revolutionary r3vobanD and see how it improves your horse's comfort and well-being.
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What is the r3vobanD?

The r3vobanD is an innovative, 3D-printed padding system designed to reduce pressure on the sensitive areas of the horse's head and improve contact.

Which horses is the r3vobanD suitable for?

The r3vobanD is suitable for all horses and riding styles, as it adapts flexibly to the shape of the horse's head and can be used in combination with different snaffles and bits. It is suitable for dressage, show jumping and leisure riders and can be particularly helpful for horses with sensitive or problematic mouth and head areas.

Is the r3vobanD available in different sizes?

The r3vobanD is available in different sizes and variants and is suitable for most horses. If you are unsure, we recommend sending us a photo of your horse to get a size recommendation. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

Can the r3vobanD be used at tournaments?

Yes, the r3vobanD is approved for use at national and international tournaments.

How is the r3vobanD attached to the bridle?

The r3vobanD is easy to attach to the bridle and can be used with or without clips, depending on the model.

What material is the r3vobanD made from?

The r3vobanD is made from a durable and flexible TPU material that is known for its shock-absorbing properties.

How do I clean the r3vobanD?

The r3vobanD can be cleaned with water and mild soapy water. Please avoid contact with solvents or harsh cleaning agents.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product and receive a refund.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time is usually 2-3 working days after the 3D printing process, depending on the order quantity and the shipping destination.

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